tragic story supposedly took place there. If you happen to be in the path of the Night Marchers and the faint sound of drumming sends a chill up your neck, remember to show the ancient warriors respect through solitude. The other workers assumed that the miners had died, but eventually it was discovered the miners had lived, built a raft to combat flooding, and eventually died due to poisonous gas inhalation. Build your defences and survive the incoming apocalypse! Other stories say that these babies grew gills and fins and survived and now they seek revenge on their mothers by luring unsuspecting victims to their deaths in the river. Ghost tours in Honolulu are quite popular and several eerie tours center around the Night Marchers and other ethereal entities. Clark, Jerome (1996). They are characterized by their enormous size, stick-thin frame and their elongated legs which reach far above trees . At this point, a ghost of an undertaker will appear and show the person a vision of their death. They climbed to the top of the tower, and the bear tried to follow. In the cubicle, she can hear a female voice. Many Malaysians will know about this. Since she died, the well had been sealed shut. "Its a legend about a lady going around door to door selling keropok. Theres one house in my hometown that is said to be haunted. Crawford Raod runs through York County and Newport News, and is reportedly home to numerous hauntings. He tells the legend as a make believe story and characterizes it as a native Hawaiian belief, a group of which he is not part of. Pamela K. Kenney writes in her book Haunted Richmond that there are a few origins of the legend. A college student suspects a series of bizarre deaths are connected to certain urban legends. Updated. Others say that if you touch or kiss the statue, you'll be dead within six months. Another legend is that the bridge is haunted by Black men who were hung by the KKK at the bridge or Civil War soldiers who still roam the area. The Ghost of Deer Island originates from an old pirate story. The story says that the bus only picks up passengers that are at their lowest moments who need to get away from their problems. And so it is with many legends. Best solution is not to open the door.". His father was born in Denmark, but was raised in America. The legend states that if someone finds themselves in the cemetery at midnight, they must climb the steps and count to 100. Nobody knows who stocks the vending machine, and the one time it needed repairs, nobody saw who took it to get repaired. alpaca1yps, The Huakaipo, also known as the Night Marchers, are the spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors who have been cursed to march the islands for eternity. The phenomenon that happens at Spook Hill is real: Cars that are parked in neutral will appear to roll uphill. He was brought up episcopalian but is no agnostic. With Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, Michael Rosenbaum. Otherwise, the Night Marchers will kill you. 3. Here are some of the stories I remember: When you enter the school from its main entrance to access the reception desk you need to pass a statue of the Virgin Mary. One day, there was a driver who hit a jogger, freaked out, and left him for dead. People believed thatthere was a vampiric beast in the woods, and they tried to hunt the animal. When you opt in, not only do you get our curated list of the best horror streaming and stories, you support our work and help us keep the lights on. Chessie sightings have been around since the 1930s, but really started to pick up steam in the '80s, when photographic evidence became more readily available. ", "Evil clowns have been sighted all over America since 1981", "The Hitchhiker Of Black Horse Lake Is One Of Montanas Most Mysterious Urban Legends", "Myth of the "phantom P-40" shot down in China", "Skeptoid #547: The Ghost Fighter Plane of Pearl Harbor", "One Of The Most Haunted Streets In America Is Hiding Here In Colorado", "Have you Heard About the Mysterious Bermuda Triangle in Oklahoma", "The Sinister Story Behind This Popular Oklahoma Park Will Give You Chills", "Proposed Work at Fort Recovery May Solve Some of its Mysteries see the letter in Comments by James L Murphy dated 7 January 2010 citing the story "Lost Sir Massing berd", "A Visit To This Haunted Canyon In Arizona Will Make Your Hair Stand On End", "Did the Ghosts of Two Teens Return to Kill and Skin Their Parents? When the haole came and invaded the islands, they made war with the native Polynesians, many of whom were killed in battle or murdered in attempts at suppression. During the 1800s, there was a family who lived down in the canyon. In the early 1900s, children in an unnamed rural town in Texas started to go missing and the residents blamed it on the Candy Lady. At the stroke of midnight on Halloween, a killer in a white rabbit suit awaits. The boys shot arrows at the bear, and it finally gave up, leaving scratches all the way down the rock as it slid down. The Bunnyman's legend starts with what every good urban legend starts with: an insane asylum. The story goes that, ever since then, the Char-Man can be spotted wandering the woods surrounding Ojai, occasionally approaching tents of innocent campers, or pretending to be a hitchhiker and then attempting to attack them. For example, no grass is said to have ever been able to grow in the spot where she underwent dunking in Lynnhaven Bay. At La Perouse Bay, an area in the Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Preserve in South Maui, the restless Night Marchers are said to roam along the hardened lava landscape in search of mischief. On both sightings, it was only seen in video footage. 1. Kekaa on Maui But, they tore it down in the 90s because it was just a giant eye sore, and had a dark history of mistreating patients. Today, the town of Bladenboro has embraced its history, and residents actually hold a Beast Fest every year. From December 2014 to May 2015, there were 103 suicide attempts at Pine Ridge. Lucky him he was sober and realised what hit him. HypressQ. While sightings have been reported as far north as Maryland and as south as Culpeper, he is mostly believed to roam a railroad overpass near Fairfax Station known as Bunny Man Bridge.. Some people reported being attacked by a man with a hatchet. Omnigraphics. People have reported feeling arms and legs in the water, but have not been able to find them right after, leading people to believe that spirits still roam the lake. 2010 The Thought & Expression Company, LLC. Are UFOs and cryptid creatures connected? Today, some people claim that if you sitquietly at the river by Massacre Rocks you'll hear the sound of babies crying. Retrieved September 8, 2017. The Navajo people do not talk about the Skinwalker in regular conversations. We have 3 mysterious men in a car called The Guardians (yes thats what we call them) along Montana highway 464. but the incident repeated itself in like the 1970s or something. rocket___goblin. The story says that a student was playing her clarinet, suffered a heart attack and died because her reed was poisoned. The night marchers are said to march in a single line, often carrying torches and weapons while chanting and playing drums. Their subjects take many shapes, be they . Texas Stiltwalkers, also known as Striders, are massive sized cryptids reported primarily but not strictly from the South-West USA, especially Texas. The Kushtaka are shape-shifters (half-man, half-otter) who lure women and children to the water with fake cries in order to steal their human spirits and drown them. After her death, the people of Monroe tried to wheel her coffin down the hill but were unable the coffin kept falling off so they were forced to carry it. Taylor said one of the pieces of evidence used against her was she had several spots on her body, such as warts. When the police found the son, he was so unrecognizably burnt they didn't realize he was alive, so he ran away before they were able to arrest him for the murder of his father. While he does not believe, he wants to be proved wrong. But after summer ended, the beast disappeared, never to be heard from again. After learning what kinds of powers people can . The other, which is how the bridge got its name, is the belief that if you drive over the bridge and look over your shoulder halfway through, the scenery behind you turns into a portal to hell engulfed in flames. Some legends say that the Skinwalker also claims the ability to hypnotize their prey. Elton said the historical society discredits this version, saying the real Molly Marley lived in the area before these events ever occurred. In addition to seeing ghosts, many people have claimed to have heard strange knocking and disembodied voices. The informant later lived in Hawaii for 8 years, Northern California for 7 years, and now resides in Southern California again. Its said to be . There is perhaps no urban legend, myth, or conspiracy theory more famous than Nevada's Area 51, a mysterious government facility that is rumored to be associated with aliens. When the townspeople returned to her home, it was found to be engulfed in flames, sealing Hannah's reputation of witchcraft. The generally accepted story of Hell's Gate Bridge starts in the 1950s. It was said that there was a girl who fell down the well and the nuns had no way of getting her out. Other people talk about headlights that disappear in places where they shouldnt disappear. Chew was the chief justice of the Delaware Supreme Court in 1741. Unfortunately I heard about and so did my friends in high school and we thought it was just a legend. However, urban legends exist all over the world, and we've scoured the globe to find the eeriest and most pervasive ones, from Nessie living in the depths of Loch Ness to a 13th-century . This is a list of urban legends. ", "Urban Legends/ Who Saw Homey the Clown? Last edited on 26 February 2023, at 03:16, Aerial water bomber picking up scuba diver, LincolnKennedy coincidences urban legend, List of works similar to the 2020 Utah monolith, List of urban legends about illegal drugs, "Why the 27 club is a myth: Jimi Hendrix and Amy Winehouse may be members but that doesn't make it real", "Clown sightings: the day the craze began", "'Creepy clown' epidemic comes to Upstate NY, several sightings reported", "The Zelda Ghost Story That Helped Define Creepypasta", "Tales From Iowa City: The Black Angel of Death", "Linguist List 11.2186: Phonological Change Driven by Imitation", "Did a Royal Edict Give Spaniards a Lisp? When I was in high school we were goofing around in a small park full of trees near the cemetary late at night, and we made up a story to scare ourselves, about the tree man who would jump out from behind trees and grab you. Amazon's Best Winter Fashion is on Sale Right Now. Since then paranormal activity seekers flock to the dunes. It is probably five minutes away from my house if that. | Scary Urban Legend Telling + GRWM: The ski. It was ruled that the well was empty, and it was boarded up. He had an affair with a young woman, and when she got pregnant he kicked her out of town and she raised their son alone for several years. Now, it's said that if you park at the site of the crash, you'll hear disembodied footsteps getting closer and closer to your car. Creepy Catalog is owned by the Thought and Expression Company, a small, independent media company. On the way back down, the visitor is supposed to count the stepsagain if they count the same amount of steps, the vision was false. While you may not run into the urban legend, Bunny Man Bridge is a real place located at 6497 Colchester Road in Clifton. He claims that the chair moves and that the door handle moves like hes still there trying to get out. KTsDefacement. And if you sat under the trees and closed your eyes, you could hear the horses. The ghostly procession must never be interrupted. The tale of the Night Marchers even inspired a 2001 film titled The Night Marchers. The creepiest story, though, is that of the phantom jogger. Eventually, they decided to check it out and encountered a headless skeleton. At the time these were seen as abnormal teats for the devil to suck on and apparently appeared on witches. People also believed that she wouldcast spellson people she didn't like. Eunice "Goody" Cole was the only woman in New Hampshire history to be tried for witchcraft multiple times. We hear you like all things creepy we do too. According to author Pamela K. Kinney, there are a few legends surrounding the bridge, including a Black woman who hung herself rather than marry a man she didnt like. Bloody Mary. Every state has its own urban legends. He's been said to have terrible body odor, a pumpkin-shaped head, and an appetite for dogs. admitting to a program investigating UFOs, mysterious occurrences in Beaver Dunes Park, a bus that doesn't have an end destination. She then asked her professor what was the meaning of the word she heard from the restroom. It is told that in the middle of the night it calls your name and forces you to follow its voice, until you reach a body of water, it then pulls you under forcing water into every single hole in your body no matter how small and of course then drowning you. I live in Romania and as a kid the most common legend was the black ambulance that would steal kids and harvest their organs and that kids bodies were to be found a few days later abandoned on a field with some money for the funeral. The Nightwalkers will harm people if they encounter them. There haven't been any recorded attacks from Chessie, but a 30-foot-long snake does not sound like something most people would want to run into. A good majority of Hawaii residents have either had a spooky encounter at some point during their lives, or know of someone with an eerie story to tell. Waipio on the Big Island. Sophie Garaeva/EyeEm/Getty Images. stacker explores urban legends It is widely accepted that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. The legend ofKnock Knock Roadsays that there was a little girl who was murdered on Knock Knock Road in the Detroit area, and now she appears to drivers at their car window, knocking, trying to find the person who killed her. Grunch Road is an old dirt road that leads deep into the woods and eventually to a dead end. It's said that if you see her at a crossroads, you or someone in your family will die. Best solution is not to open the door. RavenInTheSky, Its not really a known creepy urban legend, but in the 1800s in the owyhee mountains in idaho there was a group of hunters staying in a cabin and after failing to come back to their families a search party was sent out to look for them, they found the cabin, locked from the inside, with the window also locked from the inside. Any sound or movement could invite a Night Marcher's deadly glance. That tray has been sitting in the same location for years, remaining completely untouched, and still, to this day no one has touched it. And what does it say? (a type of cracker) If you refuse to buy any, she releases a Pontianak (a vengeful ghost) into your house. When she came back and begged him for help raising their kid, he publicly declared her a witch and had her burned to death. Suddenly the slaps stopped for a few years. Watch popular content from the following creators: Urban legends(@urbanlegends), yjbomb(@hesoswag), MATTZANITY(@mattzanity), LighthouseHorror(@lighthousehorror), Tommy(@tcezy), Sterling Fournier(@idksterling), Wyse (@wyse_0714), Douglas Macksey | Horror(@hauntedfyp), Mehnaz Shariff(@mehnaz__s), Aidan Mattis(@theaidanmattis) . Hokunui on Lanai Ranging from a "Hell Gate," to ghosts of slaves hanging from the trees, the stretch of road is decidedly spooky. and they found all of the hunters dead with their heads crushed. Most of the people in my town are farmers and overall pretty pragmatic people who arent quick to believe or make up ghost stories. Download the free 8News and StormTracker 8 mobile apps! He was spotted flying around the town of Point Pleasant, along with shining lights and the Men in Black. Or so they say lixtrado, There is a large burial ground for people who know to much and are a liability, (mostly drug rings) out on a part of the reservation that no police or tribal police have jurisdiction to be able to investigate. Nightwalkers Legend. Po Akua - on the 14th night of the new moon, spirits of chiefs, warriors and aumakua (guardian spirits) march between sunset and sunrise. Richmond is a town known for its spooky past, with numerous books and tours dedicated to the ghosts and legends that walk its streets. We also have a Native American in a jean jacket and jeans who materializes in front of cars before they can swerve out of the way. On my first day of school, my grade was brought on tours of the school by older students. Every now and again for the rest of the year someone would jump out from behind a tree or grab someone and yell tree man! The daughter, Julia, got sick, was pronounced dead, and wasburied inside their family mausoleum. Theres apparently a few around town and some drag chains too. Image via Wikimedia Commons. Theres a couple driving when suddenly their car broke down in Karak Highway, Genting Highlands at like 3am. But the story lingers. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. The Nightcrawler is best known for being one of the two featured video cases on the second episode of Syfy's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Still, similar legends about the park still circulate and some guests have claimed to hear cries coming from the spirits of the dying mother or her child. Most likely because of her dark appearance, multiple legends have cropped up around her. Bunny . The story of White Lady Lane is a tragic one. They mainly lived in the valleys of the islands, so these trails were usually on the valley floors and leading from one valley to another. Most Skinwalker stories talk about a giant animal, a wolf, usually, that stalks a person's home at night. Eventually, they just replaced the stone on the tomb entirely only for a new, identical stain to appear in the exact same spot on the new stone. Information from Virginias Haunted Historic Triangle by Pamela K. Kinney. ", "Does 'The Wizard of Oz' Include a Munchkin Suicide? A couple of women said it would try to get into their houses by rattling the doorknobs. And yet on his trip he actively tries to participate in the legend, he tries to see the Nightwalkers in action. There are many renditions of the tale, but one of the more common ones takes place in 1904 when inmates who were being transported from an insane asylum to the Lorton Prison escaped during a vehicle crash. Legend says that at first, it appears as a ball of black energy, constantly moving and changing its size and shape. Makcik "keropok". It was just one of those stupid in-jokes teens have, and decades before slenderman was a thing (it was the early 90s). When she died and her body was recovered, the townspeople were rumored to have to staked her through the heart to prevent her from haunting their town. The monster is said to hide under the bridge at Pope Lick Creek in Louisville to lure people onto the train tracks, only to see them be hit by oncoming trains. Mysterious things have happened in the park, starting with the Spanish conquistadors who went missing while searching for gold in the 1500s. The Boggy Creek Monster of Fouke is Arkansas' version of Sasquatch. While little is known about the origin of this story, some have speculated that the Candy Lady was real and that her name was Clara Crane. The UFO Encyclopedia, Volume 3: High Strangeness, UFO's from 1960 through 1979. Hannah lived to the age of 77, but right before she died, she asked to be carried down to the cemetery in her coffin by foot, not wagon. To protect yourself, you must lie on the ground face down in respect. One legend says that apregnant woman should never walk under her, or she'll lose the child. He does not actively share in the belief of the Nightwalkers, relegating their story to fantasy. Every state has its own urban legend.While some stories, like Washington state's Bigfoot, have entered mainstream pop culture, others have stayed local, like the poisoned girl at Centennial Hall in Nebraska.. They excavated and such, and the day before they were set to start construction a huge landslide happened in the middle of the night that blocked the high way for days. Every single person who went to camp in upstate New York has heard about Cropsey. The story goes that a Native American woman murdered a white man, and fled the scene of the crime. Obviously the female student was frightened and hurried to go back to the classroom. University of North Carolina School of the Arts. So of course wed all be wearing matching socks and make sure we had pristine underwear on when we ventured down to the old railway. Rick-Dastardly, Black Shucks; big, black, ghostly/demonic dogs with glowing red eyes that are supposed to be omens of death. Ultimately, it was deemed unsafe territory to build on, so it remains empty. People continue to blame Goody Cole for the misfortunes of Hampton citizens for the past 300 years.